Review: Wildland

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Review: Wildland

Deceivingly compact and having a narrative that will only require a sentence or two to summarize, Wildland [+] isn't about what you see; it is about what you believe: a feeling of growing uneasiness which produces pretty much every single gesture or phrase look utterly suspicious. This is the sole person who could save her, not out of a unnamed external threat, however, but out of her own household, as that is where Ida ends up following a horrible accident befalls her mommy.

It is a household that, though apparently friendly, soon begins to reveal its true colors, and of course its participation in some unethical actions -- headed by Sidse Babett Knudsen's"Mummy Dearest" Bodil, channelling Kristin Scott Thomas' ruthlessness at Just God Forgives [+], if not her mad, platinum hair. Blessed with her sense of what is correct and what is wrong, Bodil is the type of matriarch who resides with her own set of principles, and Ida's offender cousins, up to no good at between playing video games, already know better than to question her decision. They're so utilized to following her dictates which it may as well be thought of as a lifestyle option.

However Macbethian it could all seem, unlike any of her other colleagues, Nordahl does not actually find any amorous side to a lifetime of crime. Perhaps as these men are just overly fussy, and overly restless, to linger in certain dark area daily, patting a kitty such as Vito Corleone. There's a little"arrested development" happening also, together with the boys up to now beneath Bodil's control which it is almost as though they have given up on the notion of growing up entirely. This is some thing which Ida, despite her young age, appears to be absolutely aware of, particularly once they take her out and around, make her drink shots as well as indicate an"I'll show you mine if you show me yours" exchange. Meanwhile, the failed girlfriend of one of those brothers (Carla Philip Røder) appears kindly unaware to your family's twisted dynamic.

Even though Guldberg Kampp is absolutely adequate, looking much younger than Ida's 17 years in her oversize T-shirts, she's also pretty much left to watch her new living requirements using a poker face. A more participating, or perhaps more mentally transparent, protagonist might have made this movie involving, as in her apathetic state, she's no match for Knudsen. Then again, no one is, together with the celebrity gamely devouring any potential competition. Together with the ominous hint that"for many individuals, things go wrong before they begin", you will find minutes from Wildland which turn somewhat soapish. But although not ideal, it's oodles of thick air to spare, using a shadow that can not be concealed behind a few idiotic"Carpe Diem" tattoos, even because it's soaked into the walls of the family's home. It isn't a matter of if or not anyone will break; it is only a question of if.

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