‘Ocean’s 8’ – Film Review

‘Ocean’s 8’ – Film Review

It has been 11 years since George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Mat Damon last awakened as three con guys pulling a string of daring heists from the Ocean's franchise. A whole lot has changed at the time -- perhaps not least girls gaining more visibility on display in much more intriguing, multi-dimensional roles. Thus, it seems sensible that the 2018 reboot of their favorite heist films includes an abysmal cast of girls, prepared to demonstrate that they could be equally adorable and smart as their male counterparts.

Ocean 8 is not a straight picture, but it will start familiarly. A very long stint behind bars has not altered her or left her old tricks , however, which she instantly proves by pulling a small but remarkable con on several luxury beauty products in luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman which will cause you to wonder whether shoplifting could be that simple.

Their indicate: Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway), a self-important star whose desire to be the center of attention in the greatest night in vogue -- The Met Gala -- they expect to exploit to get their hands on these products.

Although the activity is nothing especially new, Ocean's 8 is a riot of laugh-out-loud minutes, the enchanting allure of criminal behavior, and only enough references to the franchise's male-run beyond to maintain old-school lovers contented. Its prospects could be Hollywood A-listers, however, the largest stars are its famous cast members -- Kaling's comic timing is impeccable, although Awkwafina's street-smart Constance provides a gritty alternative to the glistening glamour of Bullock and Blanchett's dual action.

There are a couple places where Ocean's 8 can improve. It feels somewhat reductive to the primary sub-plot within an all-female reboot to demand obtaining revenge on an ex (art trader Claude Becker, played by Richard Armitage), like these vibrant girls couldn't only need to steal for cash, excitement, or boredom such as their male counterparts. James Corden's reign as America's favorite Brit continues here also, popping up suddenly from the film's final third and behaving just as you'd expect him grating and deflecting. However, in spite of these defects, Ocean's 8 feels as a victory and one which will keep this gang on our screens for many years to come.

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